Off -party holding
1st October 2023 (Sun) Tenmon's work, Tenmon -san Q and A
"[Report on the day]
We held an off -party for the first time in four years in Yotsuya Hiroba. On the day, Halloween was close, so I distributed sweets from the secretary, and Yashi -san from Hida Takayama distributed sweets in Hida Takayama. In the morning, Amamin -san acted as a gathering of the 1st Tenmon fan, and was promoted with two pillars, LT and Tenmon's answer.
In the self -introduction, the people who were at the venue introduced each other, and Haru of Korea, who was participating in Discord, sent himself in a message, and was able to interact in both directions. Ta. In LT, Tenmon -san's past works were explained only by the song selected by the presenter (Moka) while listening to one phrase one by one. After the off -line meeting, KISHI pointed out that this content was not enough.
There was no LT to jump in, but HARU of Korea did not have much opportunity to watch Chinese anime because the music of Tokito agents was good, but I received an impression that I would like to take this opportunity. At the venue, I was talking about CWF's ""Shiki Weaving"" at the venue, and Haru received the content that I watched on Netflix.
The answer to the questions sent by Tenmon was a style in which Mr. Amimin prepared in a single slide format and read it out. In response to each answer, the person who knows the work has been supplemented and describes his impressions. Alright, let's look at it and listen to it. ( * We apologize for not being able to introduce here because Mr. Tenmon wants to keep the answer of Mr. Tenmon only for off -party participants.)
In the off -line party, we also had time to watch Tenmon's performance videos. The appearance of Tenmon, who is called gasoline, was also excited.
HARU -san later introduced what he commented later in the lunch break. I would like to end the report of the 1st Tenmon fan gathering below. It was a valuable off -line meeting that could interact with Korea and Japan. Thank you for your participation.
""Apparently, in a gathering of fans of Makoto Shinkai, who is in Korea, there are many people who are very young as some people say that"" your name is ""sparrow closure"". (Probably one. I expect it to be higher.) Therefore, it is always ""Suzume's door tightening"" to be in contact with Tenmon. There are many people who know. ""On the contrary, I think that classical game fans may know better about Tenmon. Because in Korea, Japanese culture was released in 1998.
However, it was difficult to have a game console like a Super Nintendo, and it was not unusual to translate it into Hangul, so it was not easy to get into a game like a final fantasy. South Korea was a very high educational heat, so it was a culture that bought a game console. However, for some reason, it is a future industry for computers. Rather, there may be more people who have done the legend of heroes or Vantage Masters than those who have played a final fantasy. Well, who made that music? I don't think there are few people who are interested, but this is well, and if you think about it, the most famous Super Mario in the world can answer someone immediately ... · I think it's like that. ""
Fortune: Moka
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